About Us

The Company was formed on 11.03.2015,  as a result of increased demand, at a time, to meet the needs of expanding consulting business in the country and its neighbors.

BIOS PRO, Skopje is a company that offers specialized type of consulting services in the field of social domain, which are intended for international financial institutions, but also for business, public, state and municipal institutions in the Republic of Macedonia and Western Balkans. The experience of the company is built in various development sectors such as line infrastructure (roads, railways, irrigation), energy (hydropower plants, solar power plants), waste (wastewater treatment), spatial planning (green urban areas), climate change, mines, etc.

We operate through a contract-based consultancy operations.

We pledge to always be up to standard and up to par, diligently delivering on any service that is required from us. We also pledge that we will be as transparent as possible with all data and work that we do.