5 Roads in RM (WB)

Project name: Preparation of project documentation, in compliance with World Bank requirements, for construction, rehabilitation and reconstruction of the roads:

    1. Delchevo – Golak;
    2. Kochani – Delchevo;
    3. Lazhani – Ropotovo – Crnilishte;
    4. Konjarevo – Staro Konjarevo;
    5. Krivogashtani – Obrshani – Vogjani

Benificiary: Public Enterprise for State Roads (PESR), Macedonia

Period of Engagement: March – December 2015

Project Location:  3 regions in Republic of Macedonia (East, Southeast, Pelagonija)

Undertaken Assignment(s): Conducting Social Impact Assessment for the needs of Environmental and Social Assessment Report. Creation of Resettlement Policy Framework/Action Plan and Communication with Stakeholders.

Standards and Requirements: World Bank

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